hahaha thats how u put on a show watch it its cool

if u get a chance look up glow




copy and paste the link into were u type ur internt sit then click on the guy trying to catch his hackysack on fire if u cant see it tell me ill find the actual link to the vid

aq update!! Here some fo my hacks enjoy(im not going to share all of them ;) lol

okay here some newer cheats for aq worlds for ppl out there who like to hack the game like me and for all u fans yes i finally updated

12500 gold for an easy quest:

Replay the main storyat sword haven, or type /join portalundead. When you get there, you will
see a member of the dishpan hand, Cleric Dawn. She has one quest to offer, which rewards you
with a burn it down staff. After you have completed the quest, sell the staff. It sells for
12,500 gold. But you have to sell the one you have before you repeat the quest.

AQWorlds easy money and easy level ups!:

Fist you must unlocked all of cornelis(place in aqworlds) quest.
Then click the ! sign on top of a green creature.
Then click Quests click the quest Arm Yourself, and click accept.
Then all you have to do is kill the boss witch is Stone Golem he is at the very top of cornelis.
But don’t worry he’s life is just 800! so you will never die when you battle him!
then after you kill him if you got the quest item called Stone Golem Arm, go back down on the
green creature the click the ! sign click Quests click Arm Yourself and click Turn in. and you
will have 500 golds and 500 exp!

Easy Ranking Up:

Well as you know The Chaos Lord Vath has come and brought some new monsters with him. Will
one of those monsters are a very unique and can really boost your ranking up points by some
bit. As of i used to do i would always attack The monsters at The Citadel but know i attack
the Drow Soldiers because i believe that they have low life and give you a lot of rank points.

Sweet Armor or Weapons:
These armors and weapons are for members only. Also this cost 5000-10000 pices of gold.

Unlockable How

Acolyte Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Juvania’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Sorcerer Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Arcana’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Warlord Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Thok’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Renegade Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Metrea’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
warrior – buy in trainer shop
mage – buy in trainer shop
healer – buy in trainer shop
rougue – buy in trainer shop
warlord – must be rank 5 warrior class(mem only)
acolyte – must be rank 5 healer class(mem only)
renegade – must be rank 5 rogue class(mem only)
sorcerer – must be rank 5 mage class(mem only)
ninja – buy in trainer shop
barber – same with ninja
paladin – must be rank 10 healer and warrior class(from artix in swordhaven)
rustbucket – do quest in dwakel
protosartorium – fight proto many times until u get it
enforcer – fight mithril man many times until u get it
dragonslayer – do all quests in lair
pirates – do the quest map recovery not do all the quest.

Never get hit in dwakel:

First go to DWAKEL then when you go ther u see two dwakels the dwakel warrior and blaster then
dont go above then but below them then they wont attack, next is the 3 dwakels there if u want
to go to proto go up where there ar wood like a small bridge then go right then u see a laser
get pass it by going down and slowly slipping and there u hav it, if u want to go to mithril
man instead of proto go down the cut log then right then to get past the barrier bot do shift
and click behind him the same trick goes for the other barrier bot behind the laser but not
behind proto then there u hav it hav fun!

Cool stunts:

You have come to the right place now im gonna show you some of my little tricks.

Code Effect

/airguitar makes you play a guitar
/stern means your angry
/facepalm covering you head
/dance2 dancing cha-cha
/backflip makes you jump backwards
/use your like stiring a spoon
/feighn makes you act like your gonna die.

Farming good gold:

Accept the 3 first Crash Site quests (Quadrolithium, Dam Ballons and Bumper Bolts). Now
go ahead,if you are powerful enough, you can get 3,750 bonus gold, if you are not powerful
enough to kill Dwakel Warrior, kill Dwakel Blaster. Dwakel Blaster drops a helm that sellback
is 1,250 gold and Dwakel Warrior drops a sword that sellback is 3,750 gold. Also you can kill
Barrier Bot for Barrier Bot Helm to get 2,500 bonus gold. Now go back to finish the quests.
This gold farm will grant you: 200 gold(quest gold reward), + 7,500 gold(quest items rewards),
+ 7,500 (Dwakel Bubble Helm + Dwakel Warrior Sword + Barrier Bot Helm), +500 gold(Dwakel’s
gold drop) = +15,500 Gold
Note: If you want best results and fast GOLD type /join dwakel-4567 in Safiria Server.

thats all i feel like adding right now ill addd more whenever i feel like it bye

IM IRON HIDE which transformer r u??

lol iorn hide nice but didnt he die lol google which transformer are u and take the quiz tell me wht u got.

Your ResultYour Result

I am Ironhide You are Ironhide. You’re known as the grizzled veteran, the one who can take a kickin’ and keep on tickin’. No stranger to getting the toughest jobs done, you are well-respected and your advice is frequently sought. You’re a loyal friend, and you have no qualms when it comes to fighting for what is right.

thats wht i said i was okay im cool with it



The most amazing thing about Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen — and it is an amazing movie, in ways both dazzling and repellent — is that something so outrageously gigantic finally leaves so little an impression. Never have such quantities of money, hardware, technology and fathomlessly complicated logistics been marshaled to produce an experience so fleeting and ephemeral.

This is not to underestimate the brutal power of that experience. Submitting to this mega-spectacular is an invitation to rock your body, liquefy your brain and sacrifice your soul to the godhead of Hollywood shock and awe.

There’s no question that the movie achieves its primitive aim — an overwhelming vision of technological supremacy — nor that this vision has been executed with astonishing audio-visual sophistication by legions of technicians, designers, animators and crew.

But when the lights go up, and you stagger back to reality, all that remains is a vague sense of having been relentlessly stimulated for close to three hours, as if by a low-grade electrical shock.

Indeed, Revenge of the Fallen might be compared to torture, not in the colloquial sense of being “painful” to watch, but rather insofar as it reduces both subject and spectator to the status of objects. The film is profoundly inhuman — mechanized not only in terms of the alien robots who rampage through its narrative but in regard to its ostensibly human characters.

Shia LaBeouf reprises his role as Sam Witwicky, an all-American boy next door plunged into an ancient intergalactic feud between the benevolent Autobots and the apocalyptic Decepticons. Having survived the first round of combat, which banished Decepticon leader Megatron to the bottom of the ocean, Sam prepares to leave for college.

What this portends for his relationship to his girlfriend Mikaela (Megan Fox) — here introduced splayed over a motorcycle in her Daisy Dukes — comprises the “human interest” angle of the story.

Such unabashed misogyny and racism are byproducts of a vision totally invested in the thrill of technological warfare. As reported by Variety, Revenge of the Fallen was produced with unprecedented cooperation from the armed forces. In exchange for providing the filmmakers with battalions of war machines, the military has been granted an extravagant recruiting commercial.

No surprise, then, that the movie stages its climactic engagement in the Middle East. The story entails the efforts of the fallen Decepticons to rise by extracting a set of glyphs implanted in Sam’s brain — don’t ask — and thereby reactivating an ancient weapon cached in one of the great pyramids of Giza.

Thus does Revenge of the Fallen stage the giddiest destruction of ancient relics since the Taliban toppled the Buddhas of Bamiyan, as great chunks of Egyptian antiquity are shattered in the climactic showdown between the Autobots and the Decepticons

At this point, some two hours into the assault, Revenge of the Fallen has decidedly run out of gas, though it keeps right on trucking — and smashing and shooting and colliding and bombing and exploding. Imagining the carbon footprint of this mega-movie is more head-spinning than anything onscreen.

its rated pg-13 for some breif action and violence and some sexual themes so careful who u bring to the movies with u i found it to be very intense.


well to incourge you my fans to keep hacking im going to write the tricks you can practice out on this post i just learned the gester/clipper stall and now alomst done getting good at the impossible lol it took alot of time to learn it. its tricks from ppl around the world and some they made up.

– clip > op in > dive > same out > same out > op clip submitted by: Jonathan Bean – Dave Holton first hit this move cleanly a while back but I’ve been hitting it for the last few months. He never named it so I’d like to call it Phantasma.

Wind Up
submitted by: Bob – U kick it up and stall it on your head then when dropped you bring your leg around it then start to hack again.

toe>in./out[dex]/heel pendulum thing
submitted by: Conrad
First you do a toe stall to set the hack, then you bring your foot half way around the bag and grab it with your heel. Then you go back like a pendulum and launch it over your head. Go to to see it.

Submitted by: Toma
Stall it on your neck then roll it down back. Use your foot to kick it back over your head and catch it above your chest.

Wall Plant Jester
set > jump > plant > xbdy
Submitted by: Conrad Rustad
It’s just like doing a jester exept you jump up towards a wall.
Then you plant your foot on the wall quickly and do a jester. Then you
go to the ground and save it!

Submitted by: Curtis Jensen
Kick it in, stall (toe), flipit to a stall on inside of right toe, sweep right foot behind left leg, pop the sac up in the air then stall it on left foot, flip it on inside of left toe the repeat the same motion back onto right foot again.

Pirate Treasure
clip>(without planting)op in[bod][dex]>op in[pdx][dex]>op out[dex]>same toe[del]
submitted by: Dan Kool
A symposium shattered paradox double leg over.

1 leg over the footbag>hit it with the leg that is still down>
submitted by: Eric Cornell
This takes some time to perfect. First you toss up the footbag, Next you jump ^ in the air and swing your right leg over the footbag in a circular motion, and while your in the air, with the leg that is hanging down, kick the footbag forward 2 your group.

submitted by: Adam Kellett
Stall the bag on your neck, pop it up and over your head to stall on your chest. Roll
down chest to inside hit.
Nostradamus – Venus Flytrap
submitted by: Max
This trick takes really good timing, and you need 2 people. At the
same time both extended your legs, and trap it between your feet.

Rewind – Pendellum > Rake
submitted by: Conrad Rustad
I made this trick up one day. To do it you have to start a pendulum but instead of making it go over your head, you make it go straight up behind you. Then you catch it again in a rake. Go to to see it.

Frontside Flapper/Anchor
submitted by: Kyle Walker
Papdragon – Toe> Same In [dex]> Thread> Op In [dex]> (no plant while) Inside Kick [bod]
submitted by: David Wilder- A papping dragonfly. Basically, a pixie-threading set dragonfly. Looks kind of weird, yet stylish at the same time.

Pap Smear – Toe> Same In [dex]> Thread> Op In [dex]> Op Toe [del]
submitted by: David Wilder – This is a papping smear. It’s basically a pixie-threading set smear

DirtBag one of the better hacky sacks i like it for knee hacking

DirtBag one of the better hacky sacks i like it for knee hacking


this is all about rock music add liryics and band names NO RAP, HIP-HOP, COUNTRY, OR TECH. this is a rock page only.