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You came into my life for a 2nd time claiming we had something special and I let you in cause I loved you.

But you left me in this empty space there nothing here for me on this planet take me away
Take me away (repeat when said)

Can’t stand to be around you but I need to be near you when I barley think about you I need you
I need you

Oh so many times you hurt me oh so many times you tore my heart into pieces

I’ve had enough to much just leave me and let me grieve
(Repeat upper verse)

Your dead to me and nothing else for that was all I was to you
High school sweet hearts we were
I’ve been taken away in this bight skies of the dark night



hahaha thats how u put on a show watch it its cool

if u get a chance look up glow



copy and paste the link into were u type ur internt sit then click on the guy trying to catch his hackysack on fire if u cant see it tell me ill find the actual link to the vid

aq update!! Here some fo my hacks enjoy(im not going to share all of them ;) lol

okay here some newer cheats for aq worlds for ppl out there who like to hack the game like me and for all u fans yes i finally updated

12500 gold for an easy quest:

Replay the main storyat sword haven, or type /join portalundead. When you get there, you will
see a member of the dishpan hand, Cleric Dawn. She has one quest to offer, which rewards you
with a burn it down staff. After you have completed the quest, sell the staff. It sells for
12,500 gold. But you have to sell the one you have before you repeat the quest.

AQWorlds easy money and easy level ups!:

Fist you must unlocked all of cornelis(place in aqworlds) quest.
Then click the ! sign on top of a green creature.
Then click Quests click the quest Arm Yourself, and click accept.
Then all you have to do is kill the boss witch is Stone Golem he is at the very top of cornelis.
But don’t worry he’s life is just 800! so you will never die when you battle him!
then after you kill him if you got the quest item called Stone Golem Arm, go back down on the
green creature the click the ! sign click Quests click Arm Yourself and click Turn in. and you
will have 500 golds and 500 exp!

Easy Ranking Up:

Well as you know The Chaos Lord Vath has come and brought some new monsters with him. Will
one of those monsters are a very unique and can really boost your ranking up points by some
bit. As of i used to do i would always attack The monsters at The Citadel but know i attack
the Drow Soldiers because i believe that they have low life and give you a lot of rank points.

Sweet Armor or Weapons:
These armors and weapons are for members only. Also this cost 5000-10000 pices of gold.

Unlockable How

Acolyte Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Juvania’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Sorcerer Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Arcana’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Warlord Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Thok’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
Renegade Class – Buy for 5000 at the trainers.
Metrea’s Disciple – Buy for 10000 at the trainers.
warrior – buy in trainer shop
mage – buy in trainer shop
healer – buy in trainer shop
rougue – buy in trainer shop
warlord – must be rank 5 warrior class(mem only)
acolyte – must be rank 5 healer class(mem only)
renegade – must be rank 5 rogue class(mem only)
sorcerer – must be rank 5 mage class(mem only)
ninja – buy in trainer shop
barber – same with ninja
paladin – must be rank 10 healer and warrior class(from artix in swordhaven)
rustbucket – do quest in dwakel
protosartorium – fight proto many times until u get it
enforcer – fight mithril man many times until u get it
dragonslayer – do all quests in lair
pirates – do the quest map recovery not do all the quest.

Never get hit in dwakel:

First go to DWAKEL then when you go ther u see two dwakels the dwakel warrior and blaster then
dont go above then but below them then they wont attack, next is the 3 dwakels there if u want
to go to proto go up where there ar wood like a small bridge then go right then u see a laser
get pass it by going down and slowly slipping and there u hav it, if u want to go to mithril
man instead of proto go down the cut log then right then to get past the barrier bot do shift
and click behind him the same trick goes for the other barrier bot behind the laser but not
behind proto then there u hav it hav fun!

Cool stunts:

You have come to the right place now im gonna show you some of my little tricks.

Code Effect

/airguitar makes you play a guitar
/stern means your angry
/facepalm covering you head
/dance2 dancing cha-cha
/backflip makes you jump backwards
/use your like stiring a spoon
/feighn makes you act like your gonna die.

Farming good gold:

Accept the 3 first Crash Site quests (Quadrolithium, Dam Ballons and Bumper Bolts). Now
go ahead,if you are powerful enough, you can get 3,750 bonus gold, if you are not powerful
enough to kill Dwakel Warrior, kill Dwakel Blaster. Dwakel Blaster drops a helm that sellback
is 1,250 gold and Dwakel Warrior drops a sword that sellback is 3,750 gold. Also you can kill
Barrier Bot for Barrier Bot Helm to get 2,500 bonus gold. Now go back to finish the quests.
This gold farm will grant you: 200 gold(quest gold reward), + 7,500 gold(quest items rewards),
+ 7,500 (Dwakel Bubble Helm + Dwakel Warrior Sword + Barrier Bot Helm), +500 gold(Dwakel’s
gold drop) = +15,500 Gold
Note: If you want best results and fast GOLD type /join dwakel-4567 in Safiria Server.

thats all i feel like adding right now ill addd more whenever i feel like it bye