IM IRON HIDE which transformer r u??

lol iorn hide nice but didnt he die lol google which transformer are u and take the quiz tell me wht u got.

Your ResultYour Result

I am Ironhide You are Ironhide. You’re known as the grizzled veteran, the one who can take a kickin’ and keep on tickin’. No stranger to getting the toughest jobs done, you are well-respected and your advice is frequently sought. You’re a loyal friend, and you have no qualms when it comes to fighting for what is right.

thats wht i said i was okay im cool with it


2 responses to “IM IRON HIDE which transformer r u??

  1. renzy is a chaotic spy turned boom box, sent by the Decepticons to infiltrate enemy strongholds.

    Like Frenzy, you are not compassionate and harbor evil thoughts. You want to be a leader and show some promise, but you have much to learn. In addition, you use technology when you need to, but you do not embrace the latest trends.

    Wow that doesn’t really sond much like me lol but whatev he’s my favorit anyway haha.

  2. lol its sounds like u alright lol jk jk but yah he is the cooliest my guy gets ripped in half towards the end of the movie lol how sad

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