well to incourge you my fans to keep hacking im going to write the tricks you can practice out on this post i just learned the gester/clipper stall and now alomst done getting good at the impossible lol it took alot of time to learn it. its tricks from ppl around the world and some they made up.

– clip > op in > dive > same out > same out > op clip submitted by: Jonathan Bean – Dave Holton first hit this move cleanly a while back but I’ve been hitting it for the last few months. He never named it so I’d like to call it Phantasma.

Wind Up
submitted by: Bob – U kick it up and stall it on your head then when dropped you bring your leg around it then start to hack again.

toe>in./out[dex]/heel pendulum thing
submitted by: Conrad
First you do a toe stall to set the hack, then you bring your foot half way around the bag and grab it with your heel. Then you go back like a pendulum and launch it over your head. Go to http://www.geocities.com/billman_c to see it.

Submitted by: Toma
Stall it on your neck then roll it down back. Use your foot to kick it back over your head and catch it above your chest.

Wall Plant Jester
set > jump > plant > xbdy
Submitted by: Conrad Rustad
It’s just like doing a jester exept you jump up towards a wall.
Then you plant your foot on the wall quickly and do a jester. Then you
go to the ground and save it!

Submitted by: Curtis Jensen
Kick it in, stall (toe), flipit to a stall on inside of right toe, sweep right foot behind left leg, pop the sac up in the air then stall it on left foot, flip it on inside of left toe the repeat the same motion back onto right foot again.

Pirate Treasure
clip>(without planting)op in[bod][dex]>op in[pdx][dex]>op out[dex]>same toe[del]
submitted by: Dan Kool
A symposium shattered paradox double leg over.

1 leg over the footbag>hit it with the leg that is still down>
submitted by: Eric Cornell
This takes some time to perfect. First you toss up the footbag, Next you jump ^ in the air and swing your right leg over the footbag in a circular motion, and while your in the air, with the leg that is hanging down, kick the footbag forward 2 your group.

submitted by: Adam Kellett
Stall the bag on your neck, pop it up and over your head to stall on your chest. Roll
down chest to inside hit.
Nostradamus – Venus Flytrap
submitted by: Max
This trick takes really good timing, and you need 2 people. At the
same time both extended your legs, and trap it between your feet.

Rewind – Pendellum > Rake
submitted by: Conrad Rustad
I made this trick up one day. To do it you have to start a pendulum but instead of making it go over your head, you make it go straight up behind you. Then you catch it again in a rake. Go to http://www.geocities.com/billman_c to see it.

Frontside Flapper/Anchor
submitted by: Kyle Walker
Papdragon – Toe> Same In [dex]> Thread> Op In [dex]> (no plant while) Inside Kick [bod]
submitted by: David Wilder- A papping dragonfly. Basically, a pixie-threading set dragonfly. Looks kind of weird, yet stylish at the same time.

Pap Smear – Toe> Same In [dex]> Thread> Op In [dex]> Op Toe [del]
submitted by: David Wilder – This is a papping smear. It’s basically a pixie-threading set smear

DirtBag one of the better hacky sacks i like it for knee hacking

DirtBag one of the better hacky sacks i like it for knee hacking


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