Hackysack aka footbag

when i started to play i was pretty bad but now that i have gotten better i am one of the best in my school. so i thought about giveing some tips to those ppl who are just starting to hack and if your a freshman and stink at the game dont worry you will get better takes practice im only a sphomore lol and already will be the best in the school when the seinors leave CANT WAIT lol jk. so heres some tips

                                                 BEGINNER TIPS

            One thing beginner hacky sackers have problems with is controlling the hacky sack. This problem occurs when the side of you foot isn’t level, causing the hacky sack to fly wherever. There is different ways to fix this problem. One is to play against the wall Bounce the hacky sack off the wall and practice on keeping it level, and if it gets out of control it will probably hit the wall and come back to you. You can also serve it to yourself and try and kick it straight up and catch it, serve it again, catch it, and do this over and over and then when you get the nerve up, don’t catch it.

                 SOME RULES

1. No Hands (except when serving), No Arms – Shoulders are technically allowed and are widely accepted among the average hack circle.

2. Always serve the bag to someone else, unless of course you are alone. Footbag is traditionally a game of courtesy, hence “The Courtesy Toss“: a light lob usually toward the receivers knee.

3. Don’t hog the bag. – Don’t always hog it ’till you drop it because that sucks for everybody else. Being able to pass well is important to almost all footbag games.

5. Try not to give knee passes P asses from the knee tend to go strait to the ground.


More Info

Playing Surface: Pavement is good, but hard on the footbag. Block off sewers etc. Grass is nice, but a little more difficult, although once you have wore away the grass and pounded the earth into clay, you have found your ideal footbag circle.

Footwear: Preferences on footwear vary from boots to bare feet. The most common denominator is a snug, mid cut leather cross trainer. Sandals are difficult, and it is very hard to play with bare feet. Serious shredders prefer lightweight court shoes such as Adidas Rod Lavers.

Styles of Footbags: The footbag itself can be made from a variety of materials including artificial leather and suede, crocheted cotton, facile, vinyl, hemp, and genuine leather and suede. The exterior material is called a cover. The harder the cover, the bouncier it is – the softer the cover, the “stickier” it is.

Paneled footbags can range from 2 to 120 panels, some have even more. The more panels that make up the cover, the rounder the footbag is. It is said that the rounder the footbag, the better it keeps its shape, and therefore the more control you have, especially when precise aim is required like in footbag net, and golf.

The interior of a footbag can be filled with plastic pellets or sand. The more tightly packed it is, the bouncier it is, and the more loosely packed it is the stickier it is. Sand filled bags are growing in popularity for their benefits of easy delaying (a trick where you stall the bag on your foot/leg etc). Even the plastic pellets can differ the feel of a footbag, from soft and waxy, to hard and crunchy.

 SO thats what i know well i no more but i wont board you any more lol. tell me whats your record mine 354 and yes i do have a life lol. when you get better try what i can do like the toe stall, knee stall, outside stall. and insde stall, and lasty the tridtional gester stall. good luck


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