its a pretty good game somethings need to be worked out but all around its not that bad. Theres an online rpg version but i like the plan not online verison lol its basicly a one player game kinda like final fantasy but in some terms abit better. im a level 13warrior i think and for the online im level 4 almost 5.

1: About AdventureQuest Worlds 

AdventureQuest Worlds is free to play. No special software is needed because the game is played through any up to date Internet browser.

Membership upgrades include a subscription to the game and the purchase of coins, which are used to buy special items.

There are weekly events and releases, keeping the game fresh. Players choose a beginning class, but can change their class by purchasing and equipping class armor. Free players are more restricted than upgraded players. Upgraded players can access special quests, equip pets, and have access to new releases more quickly than free players.

AQW is interactive and has in-game chat. Players can form teams, friends lists, and whisper each other.
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1.1: Subscription and Coin Prices 

Subscription prices are:
* 3 Month: $19.95 USD, +1,000 Adventure Coins
* 6 Month: $34.95 USD, +2,000 Adventure Coins
* 1 Year: $49.95 USD, +5,000 Adventure Coins

* Add another 5,000 Adventure Coins when you sign up for $5.00

Prices for more Adventure Coins are:
* 2,000: $9.95 USD
* 5,000: $19.95 USD
* 12,000: $39.95 USD
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1.2: Servers 

There are currently three kinds of servers for AdventureQuest Worlds.

The Moglin Safe servers have chat disabled and are suitable for all ages. Canned chat can be used on these servers. (Canned chat is the use of words and phrases from a list, like on Club Penguin.)

The Limited servers have canned chat for non-members and open chat for members.

The Standard servers allow anyone to chat.

Finally, the Legendary server is for members only and has open chat.
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2: Moving Around the Land 

Almost all areas in AdventureQuest Worlds can be accessed directly or through walking. With exception of the Twilight area, they are joined more or less through a continuous environment. The quickest way to travel is through the map, which is located on the right side of the action bar.

Using /goto, /join, or /summon is the quickest way to move around.

Visit AdventureQuest Worlds: Locations and Quests for more information.
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2.1: Goto, Join, and Summon 

/summon is a command you use to summon a party member. A person must already be in your party to be summoned. If you can see the status bars of your party members on the left side of the screen, you can click their name then select “summon.” If they want to be summoned, they’ll come to you.

/join takes you to a room. At the bottom right of your screen is the name of your current room. If you type in “/join” and then the room name, you’ll got there if the room is not already full.


/goto is a command you use to transport to another player. You use the dialog box at the bottom (the same one for chat). Type in “/goto” and then the player’s name. If they’re in your area, you’ll go to them.

You can also “/goto” yourself by typing your name. This comes in handy if you need to heal in the middle of a fight. You’ll appear in the same room but no longer in combat. You can then heal and jump back to the fight.


If you have a long name to type, you can also type /reload which does the same thing as going to yourself.
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3.1: Base Classes 

AdventureQuest Worlds classes are still evolving. Right now, you purchase a class armor and wear it to use a class’s abilities. Players level up classes, and gain new abilities, by completing quests and gaining class points while wearing the armor.

To change class, a player need only to don another class armor.

Right now there are not weapon limitations for classes.

The class level is called a Rank and is separate from the player’s level, called a, well, just level.

  • Mage Upgrades to Sorceror. No change in skills; it’s just cosmetic.
  • Preist Upgrades to Acolyte. Again, no real changes to skills.
  • Rogue Upgrades to Renegade with no change in skills.
  • Warrior Upgrades to Warlord with no change in skills.
  • Ninja Upgrades to Assassin with no change in skills.
  • Barber Has a barber pole above head. Same skill as Pirate or Rogue.
  • Paladin Requires rank 10 in Warrior/ Warlord and rank 10 in Healer/ Acolyte. Members only.
  • Berserker Found in upgrade shop. Members only.
  • Beast Warrior Found in upgrade shop. Same skills as warrior.
  • Pirate Armor is dropped after doing the Map Recovery quest of the Pirate quest chain.

ill try to keep you up with info and cheats stuff like that.


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